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Edwin combines advanced AI technology and professional English tutors to tailor every lesson to your individual needs, learning style, and pace.

Personalized learning with Edwin is the fastest, most effective way to prepare for your standardized English as a foreign language tests.

A new method for learning English

With Edwin, you can easily prep for your test on Facebook Messenger.

Study anytime, anywhere. Get one-on-one instruction at a fraction of the cost of a private tutor.


Tactics and Practice - A short, intensive course to help you reach your TOEFL goal.


  • Unlimited access to a personal AI tutor
  • Guidance from professional English instructors


  • Learning plan personalized for you
  • Proven strategies to crack the test
  • Frequent reports to track your progress
  • 400 texts, audio recordings, and practice questions


  • Prep for reading, writing, listening, and speaking
  • Vocabulary improvement tools
  • Practice tests with scoring
  • Explanations of all test answers

Designed with dictionary content
from Oxford University Press

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Tactics and Practice - A short, intensive course to reach your TOEIC goal, coming soon.

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Improve your English vocabulary with 5-minute lessons.

  • Learn up to 20 new words per day
  • Get unlimited vocabulary lessons
  • See your progress with daily and weekly reports
  • Practice reading, writing, listening, and speaking
  • Set realistic goals to improve vocabulary for shopping, travel, and other real-life scenarios
  • Retain new words with 14 different techniques

Designed with dictionary content
from Oxford University Press

Improve your vocabulary

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Edwin is an innovative education technology company based in Silicon Valley that’s redefining how people learn English to succeed in life and work.

We use the best of natural language processing, machine learning, speech technology, and industry experience to bring a highly personalized curriculum and adaptive learning plans to students around the world.

Join over 700,000 students who are already improving their English skills with Edwin.

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