AI-powered English tutor

Edwin is an AI-powered service for learning foreign languages. Our goal is to provide our students with better outcomes than they would see using existing methods, all at a fraction of the price.

Combining AI and human tutors

Edwin combines the latest technology, professional English tutors, and effective educational content to better prepare for the exam.

Students have unlimited access to an AI-powered course, while human tutors explain difficult concepts and help solve problems.

Personalized learning to hit the goal

Edwin’s powerful AI builds an optimal course for every student. They can practice any time, anywhere.

Edwin makes sure students master challenging parts and skip right over easy ones, so they prepare for the exam as quickly as possible.

Liked by students

Over 800,000 students started improving their English skills with Edwin.

About Edwin

We are a team of teachers, engineers, scientists, and designers passionate about education.

We use the latest AI technologies like natural language understanding, speech-to-text, text-to-speech, and machine learning to effectively teach English.

Our methodologists combine their many years of experience preparing students for English tests with proven learning strategies to bring highly personalized and adaptive study plans to students around the world.

Join over 800,000 students who are already improving their English skills with Edwin. And if you believe in Edwin’s mission and are interested in joining the team, get in touch.

Edwin and its approach are covered by a number of publications around the world.